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2018 - 2019 Season Registration




Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 Season Registration


In order to complete your Waconia Hockey Association (WHA) registration, there are multiple steps to complete. To make this easier for you, we made a checklist below to ensure you complete all of the steps in the correct order. Our registration system has progression dependencies, so you need to complete the previous step before moving to the next step within the registration process.


#1 Complete the USA Hockey Registration (if you haven't completed this previously): USA Hockey Registration is with the USA Hockey Association and not connected to Waconia Hockey's Association. To register your player(s), click here. Be sure to print and save the confirmation codes provided by USA Hockey during the registration process. Remember to register EACH of your players separately through USA Hockey. Each player must have their own personal USA hockey confirmation number. Please note, The USA Hockey Registration fee is $50 per person (exception, birth year 2012 and after). 


#2 Complete the WHA Hockey Player 2018 - 2019 Registration Form.   Please make sure to have your USA Hockey Confirmation Code as you’ll be required to enter this within the registration process. The registration process will allow you to sign consents, complete your contact information and submit your payment. To complete the registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or your bank’s checking account information readily available. 

Available Registration Discounts

New Family Discounts:   If you’re new to the WHA, welcome! To help you get acclimated to the association and to show our excitement and appreciation for your family joining, the WHA is offering a first year discount. If you have a Mite skater, you’ll receive a $100 discount and if you have a competitive skater, you’ll receive a $200 discount.  Please contact Sarah Urtel for the discount code prior to completing your registration.


Goalie Registration Discount:  If your skater is a goalie playing at the Squirt, U10, Peewee, U12 or Bantam levels, WHA is offering a 50% discount in your registration fees. Please note, your goalie will need to supply their own equipment, whereby the purpose of the discount is to off-set the incremental expense of goalie equipment. 

**Disclaimer: Discounts are not stackable. The Goalie discount is limited to two goalies per team, and each goalie must practice and play at that position for the entire season for the discount to apply.

Goalies receiving this discount must adhere to the standard equipment regulations from USA Hockey, Minnesota Hockey and District 6. 


Questions about the System can be directed to:

Sarah Urtel

WHA Communications Director